Different Types of Real Estate Video  and why you should consider them for your Listing

If you’re asked to choose between viewing pictures or videos of a product, which option would you pick? Most people, given the option would prefer to watch the video. Pictures are nice, but the fact that they are only 2-dimensional means that they can be limiting in what can be shown. 3-dimensional videos, on the other hand, allow you to show so much more than a static photograph and can tell a much better story of what is going on.

According to one recent study, real estate listings with videos get up to 493% more inquiries than other popular ways of showcasing properties. It would, therefore, make more sense to seriously take into consideration the use of videos and video tours to market and showcase properties as a real estate agent.

Listing Videos
Preparing a home for viewing by a prospective client not forgetting the trip back and forth can be both time consuming and inconvenient. Not only does the buyer have to step away from their work or routine duties, but they also have to make time to see numerous properties before they settle on the one they like most. Alternatively, real agents end up showing different properties to different prospective clients for weeks before they can make a single sale.

Video tours enable both buyers and agents to save valuable time and to stay productive.

Listing videos have one goal in mind and that’s to get would be-buyers to want to visit the property in person.

An excellent listing video gives the viewer a taste into the type of lifestyle they’ll enjoy if they buy the property. If, for example, the listing is focused on selling luxury homes, the video would have tons of natural lighting, soft music playing in the background, and exquisite views of the properties interiors and exteriors.

In the end, the viewer almost feels like they already own the home and are inclined to call the real estate agency or company to find out more and make a purchase.

Why You Should Consider Video Tours for Your Listing
When video marketing is done right, it can send your online traffic, sales, and engagement through the roof. There’s no doubt that video tours can save you lots of time and money, given that real estate has limited resources at their disposal allocated towards marketing and selling a property. Still skeptical about using video tours for your listing?

Here are some valid reasons to convince you further:

The buyers can get to view several properties in a listing without having to travel back and forth from their places of work to the sites. On the other hand, real estate agents don’t have to spend valuable time preparing the home in anticipation of a site visit. They also save a great deal of time and money that they would have spent ferrying different clients to the site.

Increases Sales
Video tours are great at attracting attention from interested buyers. The more the number of people that get to see the video, the higher the chance that they will make inquiries. In a nutshell, increased traffic means increased sales.

Increases Engagement Among Viewers
While not everyone who views your property is ready to buy a property right there and then, you could use video tours to attract attention and increase engagement from viewers. Soon the same overzealous viewers wouldn’t hesitate but turn to that same real estate agency with the best video listings to help them find their next home.

More Traffic to the Site
The best way to grow your real estate agency or Real Estate Company is to increase more traffic to your site. When you post high-quality video tours on social media, on your site, and on online listings, you isolate yourself from other real estate agents who don’t use videos at all or whose video tours are of questionable quality. A good video will elicit more attention. In turn, more people will want to visit your site to see what other properties are on sale. More traffic is also an excellent way to build your brand.

Transportation ranks first among the list of highest expenses a real estate agent has to cater for. Video tours provide for an innovative and creative way of showcasing different properties to different buyers allowing them to save much-needed resources while maintaining or increasing their chances to sell. What’s more, you attend to double or triple the number of clients you would using video tours than you do visiting a property.

Nowadays, instead of visiting an actual agency, clients turn to the internet to find their next home. Video content is an excellent tool to use when you want to extend your reach and clinch more clients.

Here are a couple more types of videos that you might want to consider creating for your real estate business…

Branding Videos
A good brand video is all about getting potential buyers and sellers to know who your company is, what it stands for and who runs it. You really want to show that your company has the experience and expertise to provide the service that the client is looking for.

Neighborhood Videos
The good thing about listing a home that is priced well, is well maintained and looks attractive is that it practically can sell itself once you get people through the door. What is often not so easy to sell is the neighborhood. Perhaps the home isn’t in the nicest part of town, or maybe it’s surrounded by less desirable looking properties. If you only focus on the home itself, you may find you lose a lot of buyers who are more focused on what they see as they drive up to and away from the property.

The way around this is sell the benefits and great parts of living in the neighborhood, and what better way to do that than video? With video you can show how close the home is to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. How about interviewing a few of the neighbors so they can say what they like about living in the area? The only limit with video is your imagination.

So, in closing, if video isn’t already a major part of your marketing armory, then you really should consider it right now. Don’t get left behind and allow your competition to get a head start on you. If you would like to know more about how you can start to integrate video with your business, we’d love to chat. You might be surprised at how affordable it is, and if you’re camera shy…don’t worry, we can help you to overcome that.

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